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Photos by the awesome Akshay Rajan.
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So here’s a little about the thought behind these notebooks.

So so so. It is based on, and made specifically FOR this Bengali tradition revolving around Durga Pujo/Navratri. Following the Pujo celebrations for a good week, the idol of the Goddess is taken for immersion on the final day (Dashami) after which,when people return to their families, they take a moment to remind themselves that She isn’t gone, and write ‘Shri Shri Durga Sahay’ (each member of the family,eldest to youngest, writes it thrice) which is essentially them declaring the Goddess as their Aid. Post this ritual, they begin Bijoya celebrations amongst themselves.

Super religious people (like my Grandpa used to be) sometimes even write it daily to initiate their day.

Here, I have tried to use that sentiment to create an experience of the same through the design of the notebook.It can either be used as a Ritual Book to be used to note down the three lines every Bijoya (used annually by a family). On the other hand, it can be used by anyone as a notebook. It holds the thought of taking a moment to remember that the universe/holy spirit/Self (whatever you may believe in) always remains as an underlying/Subconscious aid to their creative process (Ma Durga symbolising a muse,support, the strength to overcome Resistance).

A little explanation about the the visual. 

The cover has the image of a droplet falling into the sea, symbolising the immersion of the Goddess (Bijoya). The droplet,being a cutout, gives you  a glimpse into the visual inside. On opening the cover, we see an image of Ma Durga, which symbolises that the Goddess ‘lies within’, even though we have formally bid farewell to Her and the festival is over. 

So she stays. :)

Would you like to own one? Commissions open. (For 2014) You decide the size and paper type depending on the way you want to use it.

Get in touch for details!