1. note to self

    Slipping through the gaps of yourself and shelving fears away in jars and Adele songs- the ones you’ve never heard and never will. Believe me -this is better than the heartache coming easy.

  2. #goodmorning ! #baby #birds in my #balcony. :’) stupid ugly nest its made but two awesome grumpy babies also. Mommy bird is missing for now

  3. #Stepping #out of a dream.


  4. I hate to explain myself

  5. #conceptshoot #shoot #legs #artdirection #creativedirection #documentation in progress! Happy Saturday!

  6. At #arthop #pune. @himandshoes and Jama Paradox.

  7. First ever series of washroom selfies with ria! Who was met with after years and years.

  8. Logo.

    Self branding.

    Namaste :)

  9. Awesome art supplies from my first art donor friend, Nishtha! Stuff off of my wishlist as well as stuff she thought I would like- that came packaged so diligently I cannot explain to you how i felt but I didn’t have the mind to take a photo of that at the time I was taking it apart. I’m so fucking happy and so grateful that I will never stop being it. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVVVEEEE :) #artsupplies #love #supporttheartist

  10. This is proof that i’m dyslexic. I was drawing on a kid and the P came out ulta. She made me change it though. And didn’t let me take a photo of the finished. #fruits #watermelon #strawberry #drawing