1. Awesome art supplies from my first art donor friend, Nishtha! Stuff off of my wishlist as well as stuff she thought I would like- that came packaged so diligently and carefully I cannot explain to you how i felt but I didn’t have the mind to take a photo of that at the time I was taking it apart. I’m so fucking happy and so grateful that I will never stop being it. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVVVEEEE :) #artsupplies #love #supporttheartist

  2. This is proof that i’m dyslexic. I was drawing on a kid and the P came out ulta. She made me change it though. And didn’t let me take a photo of the finished. #fruits #watermelon #strawberry #drawing

  3. So, have you seen my vaginapebble? That’s what it looks like to me.

  4. #sunsoaking with my #pebbles is the goodest of all mornings. They even seem to #hi5

  5. So, have you seen my vaginapebble? That’s what it looks like to me.

  6. Let’s do this everyday!

  7. So this brush has started to make me Draw spontaneously again and I feel like my life is back after a hundred years of coma. Automatic brushsketch no pencils no.20 minutes. Its like meditation. Also, for drawing with ink, keeping an inclined pallet seems extremely helpful to me to regulate ink thickness within the sametinysection. Eee

  8. Lines are still to be gotten used to #sketch #ink #artistsoninstagram #art

  9. #turban lady #sketchbook #ink


  10. I sit here, hair like a mosquito net, heels exposed. I wonder why but not for long enough and this is strange. This is strange so I wonder why again, I get distracted but then I try again.